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Wendy McGee is a certified National Sports Medicine Trainer, a certified Anusara yoga instructor, a Titleist Professional Golf Fitness Trainer, A TRX trainer and more importantly realizes how mental and physical training, together, improve a person’s health. 


In the weight loss process it is critical to build muscle. Muscle requires more calories than fat - the higher your muscle to fat composition, the more calories your body requires and the less that turns to fat. 


Aerobic conditioning is a science. You need to learn how to train aerobically to keep your body burning calories throughout the remainder of the day. 


When a muscle is strengthened it tightens, leaving it susceptible to strain and tear. You must learn how to stretch and keep your muscles agile to avoid injury. 


Beyond formal training and 9 years of experience training with weights, aerobic conditioning and yoga, Wendy maximizes her time spent with you using a holistic approach to exercise. She teaches you about the inside of the body in order to understand how to achieve outer results. She also makes working out fun and entertaining. Always on the hunt for the latest trends and new techniques, you’ll be continually challenged and never bored. Each workout is customized to your needs, preferences and goals, and Wendy will continually help you to improve all aspects of your physical and mental health.




Join Wendy in the Vineyards for a one hour yoga-dance class designed to burn calories and get in a good stretch. We will be rotating vineyards in the Livermore Valley Win...
Yoga in the Vineyards
1 hr